Help us conquer all 50 states and spread the spirit of made in USA with the help of everyone in the community!

Starting on January 2nd, you can join us on this adventure by choosing a place on the map. There’s only a couple of steps involved. To top of this fun adventure, you will also be rewarded a $200 Amazon Gift Card for your time and effort!

(Have a suggestion of a perfect landmark you would like us to add on our map? Let us know here.)

We invite everyone in the United States to join our Conquer USA Flag campaign! There are so many great states in the United States and we can’t visit them all at once—so we are asking our friends and the community to help us see the world! Our goal is to touchdown in every state’s Captiol Building by having our Fermalife flag waved in front of each landmark.

Follow these simple rules:

1) Confirm that you are near the state’s Capitol Building by taking a picture of yourself around the area and send the picture to us via email ( or Instagram.

2) We will contact* you and send you our Fermalife flag. You can keep the flag and take it with you on your next journey. You can always take a picture and video whenever you come across an interesting location and tag us– we will reward you with Amazon gift card depending on the quality under our own discretion.

3) Once you receive the flag, take at least 3 pictures and a 10 second video of yourself waving the flag in the State Capitol Building. (No selfies as selfies tend to cut off part of the building) The video and picture must be clear and visible so that anyone is able to see clearly that it is the State’s Capitol Building. We ask that you do not trespass private properties and abide all city and federal laws. If your State Capitol Building is currently under construction, please wait until after the construction is completed and let us know. If there is light construction, please contact us first.

4) Post your picture and video on Instagram and tag us. (Your profile must be public in order to participate.)

5) Receive your Amazon Gift Card.

*After you send in a picture, we will send over an agreement for you to read.

The following states are still available:

Alaska,  Arizona,  Hawaii,  Idaho,  Kansas,  Minnesota, Mississippi,  Nebraska,  Nevada,  North Dakota,  South Carolina,  South Dakota,  Texas, and  Wyoming.

Let’s have some fun & get to picture taking around the USA!

Our Latest Participants:
@roylandsmama | Oregon State Capitol

@sweetmatcha | Massachusetts State Capitol

@thesimplemommyscene | Illinois State Capitol

@carriemaly| Colorado State Capitol

@likefreebie | Utah State Capitol

@axmh1985 | Louisiana State Capitol

@broosterbrebre | Wisconsin State Capitol

@ms_beegle| West Virginia State Capitol

@debbiegarretson | New Hampshire State Capitol

@mrs.feezy| New Mexico State Capitol

@daretodreamx3| Connecticut State Capitol

@jerrydadams| Oklahoma State Capitol

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Oklahoma State Capitol in OKC @fermalife #USACampaign

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@smurfgrl562| California State Capitol

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@fermalife #usacampaign

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@rijoeyb | Rhode Island State Capitol

@kaisxcloset | Maryland State Capitol

#USACampaign @fermalife Annapolis, MD!

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@nandmmommy | Iowa State Capitol

#usacampaign @fermalife #iowaonthemap

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@dreyabliss | Maine State Capitol

@surabhi0402 | Virginia State Capitol

@dzstovall | Kentucky State Capitol