Brea Wellness Festival – 2017

Wow, another great turnout! Everyone enjoyed our smoothies and we got to speak with a lot of new faces who wanted to learn more about the process of fermentation and all the benefits that come with it.

Just a recap–

Fermentation boosts the food’s nutrients by folds! It also allows the person to absorb the nutrients better and more efficiently. Sometimes our food takes hours and hours to digest but with fermented foods, it is essentially “pre-digested” for you. So, you are working less and getting more. You can learn more about it here:

Our raffle prize basket!

Lines are starting to form from our FRESH SMOOTHIES!

Video coming soon! Thank you to Brea Community Center for setting up such a great healthy event!


Until next time, be healthy and see you at future wellness events,

Signing off..

Fermalife Social Team

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